• OFFICIAL SONIC THE HEDGEHOG TOYS - All-Stars Racing Pull Back Action Toy Car comes with a Sonic the Hedgehog figure glued into this seat in his Sonic car. Join in the Sonic mania after the spectacular release of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. This Sonic Racing pullback car travels a long distance!.
  • EASY FOR KIDS TO PLAY WITH 3+ YRS - Sonic Movie pullback car is fun and very easy to play as a unisex toy - suitable for girls or boys from 3 years old. This Sonic Hedgehog large toy car is 14cm long, 9.5cm wide and up to 9cm high. Just pull back, let go and watch this Sonic figures zoom pass other car figures at Sonic Racing speed!.
  • PROVIDE YOUR KID WITH HOURS OF SONIC SUPERSONIC FUN – Sonic is the fastest racer on the planet & this ideal sonic the hedgehog gifts can speed through your home. This Sonic the Hedgehog Pullback Car will provide your child with hours of ultrasonic fun. Sonic’s pull back action racing car is a fast and reliable toy cars - one of the best pull back cars..
  • NO BATTERIES NEEDED - This Sonic action figure toy has a pullback action so you don’t need to spend your money on batteries. Just pull back the Sonic Boom car and watch it go zoom. Your child (Sonic toys for boys or girls appropriate) will love this Sonic dash figure speeding through your home..
  • BEST SONIC TOYS GIFT FOR EVERY SONIC FAN - The Sonic the Hedgehog racing car will definitely put a smile on every boy or girl who loves receiving Sonic the hedgehog toys as part of their Sonic Hedgehog gifts. This Sonic Toy will stand up to robust play for days on end..
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  • Imported from UK.
Sonic the Hedgehog is the Fastest Racer on the Planet. Looking for fun for your kids? Something fast and exciting? The Sonic the Hedgehog toy pullback car is a robust safe toy car that will provide your child with hours of fun. Sonic’s pull back action racing car will give your child hours and hours of fun. Since it’s pull back action drive you don’t need to spend your money on batteries. It doesn’t have any power supply, to begin with. Just pull back the cado zoom. Your child will love it. Want to know more about Sonic before you buy this car from all of the other Sonic Hedgehog Toys? Sonic the Hedgehog is arguably the faster creature on foot. He is the world's fastest hedgehog, capable of running at the speed of sound (768 mph). His other abilities include a "Spin Attack", a 'Spin Dash" and his "Super Sonic" transformation. This makes Sonic virtually indestructible and gives him the gift of run-flight. Sonic works well on the ground but doesn’t perform well on water. He is not an expert swimmer. Nevertheless, he is very brave. Sonic runs around the world fighting Dr. Egg-man’s with his evil schemes. Sonic drives a very fast car built by his friend Tails. Since Sonic is practically unbeatable on foot, racing in this pull back and go toys car helps to make a fair race as no one can beat him on foot.

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