• ENDURING WEAR & FLAWLESS NAIL COLOR LAYER: This nail kind treatment gel is a 100% non-toxic, scentless and safe nail product that provides you with weeks-lasting flawless wear and enduring nail color layer..
  • ULTIMATE NAIL PROTECTION: This base rubber set prevents chips and detachment effectively, plus, it protects the decorative gel polish coating from all external factors..
  • EASY USE FOR SHINY NAILS: Our nail protection gel provides a uniform coating and is designed for easy applications without messy spreading. Your nails will be glossy like never before!.
  • FOR PROFESSIONAL OR AMATEUR NAIL CREATIONS: The extended compatibility with any nail powder makes these coating nail products perfect for professional or DIY usage and nails that look stunning!.
  • WHEN AUTHENTICITY MEETS QUALITY: If you are looking for an authentic, trustworthy and high-quality nail care product, look no further. Kodi’s base coat includes an elegant black matte 35ml bottle (cover without a brush) for stylish and impressive nail art!.
  • Imported from USA.
Introducing The Professional Rubber Base Gel By Kodi! This amazing nail treatment is available in sleek, black matte bottle designed for convenient use. Rubber Base Gel A new generation product with a unique composition that provides coating toughness, elasticity and maximum wear resistance. This tool is used as a base and applied to the gel-polish coat for amazing nails. The professionalrubber gel ensures excellent grip of gel polish with natural nails, plus, it features a dispersion layer. Product Benefits: It provides a uniform coating Durability & long-term wear-ability Prevents chips & detachment The viscous consistency & cost-effective flow Easy to apply & does not spread Optimal for thin, brittle nails troubled with severe irregularities Application Recommendations: Apply a thin layer Curing time 2 minutes under 36W UV or 30 seconds under LED lamp Easily removed by using special tools it tips off Purchase Your Rubber Base Gel While Supplies Last! Scroll Up & Click “Add To Cart” NOW!

Professional Rubber Base Gel By Kodi | 35ml 1.18 oz | Soak Off, Polish Fingernails Coat Gel | For Long Lasting Nails Layer | Easy To Use, Non-Toxic & Scentless | Cure Under LED Or UV Lamp