• [COMPACT DESIGN] For excellent maneuverability and portability. Quick rip and plunge cuts have never been easier, just grab the Worxsaw and go.
  • [ERGONOMIC GRIP] For comfort and control. You can work all day with the vibration-absorbing handle.
  • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products.
  • [MADE FOR STOCK LUMBER] The Worxsaw was designed for 2” lumber, with exceptional depth-of-cut.
  • [GREATER CUT-LINE VISIBILITY] The left-sided design lets you see exactly what you’re cutting.
  • [BEVEL CUTS] 0-45° bevel cuts are a breeze with the Worxsaw, just set the easy-to-use bevel adjustment lever.
  • [DUST PORT] Hook up your shop-vac and keep your project and your workspace clean.
  • [FASTER BLADE] This Worxsaw only uses a blade with a ⅜” arbor size, that’s half the size of traditional circular saws, so the motor can spin it twice as fast.
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  • Imported from USA.
Style:20V Cordless Worxsaw At less than 4 lbs., the Worxsaw is the circ saw to use when you don’t want a big and heavy traditional circular saw to lug around. Despite its slim, compact design, this saw has the functional power of a much larger saw. How is that possible? The arbor on its blade is only ⅜”, half the thickness of blades on full-size saws, so the brushless motor can spin it twice as fast. The one-hand design makes it easy to use. Rip and plunge cuts are pieces of cake. It even makes bevel cuts. Just set the bevel adjustment lever at the degree you need (0-45°). Though, where this saw really shines is slicing up 2” stock lumber. With a depth-of-cut of 1-11/16” it’s the perfect saw for stock lumber projects. But maybe the best part is the PowerShare 20V battery, because you don’t have a cord to get tangled up in. And, you can use that battery on any other tool in the Worx PowerShare family. The blades are a snap to change with its easy-to-use spindle lock. It features a dust port, so you can attach a vacuum and keep your project clean and visible. Speaking of visibility, its left-sided blade design keeps the tool off the cut-line, which makes for more accurate cuts. And the integrated safety trigger on the handle protects against accidental operation—you need to press two triggers to start up the Worxsaw.

Worx WX531L Worxsaw 20V PowerShare 4-1/2" Brushless Cordless Compact Circular Saw