• Proudly 🇺🇸MADE IN THE USA🇺🇸. Buy with confidence knowing that our products are 100% USA Made..
  • COMPATIBLE GUNS: Springfield XD, XD MOD.2, XD(M), XDS Pistol. ❗️Does not work with 5.25″ XD(M) competition series model❗️.
  • COMPATIBLE RED DOT SIGHTS: Trijicon RMR, Doctor, Insight MRDS, Eotech MRDS, Leupold Delta Point, Leupold Delta Point Pro, Vortex Razor, Vortex Viper, Vortex Venom, Burris Fast Fire 2 & 3, CMORE RTS & STS, SIG Romeo 3, UTG Reflex Micro Dot, Shield RMS (additional screws purchase required), Holosun 507c (additional screw purchase required)..
  • MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED. We don't want you having to run to the hardware store to find specialized screws, so we included everything you will need to mount over 90 percent of the Red Dots available on the market..
  • MACHINED FROM 7075-T6 ALUMINUM. Providing excellent strength, while still being lightweight. Engineered, so you don't have to mill your slide. Just remove your rear slight and mount the MRA in its place..
  • Imported from USA.
Red Dot Adapter/Mount for Springfield XD, XD MOD.2, XD(M), XDS Pistol - Modular RedDot Adapter - M.R.A. Outerimpact is excited to introduce the Springfield XD, XD MOD.2, XD(M), XDS Pistol M.R.A (Modular RedDot Adapter). This product will allow the shooter to utilize a variety of red dot sights on their Springfield XD, XD MOD.2, XD(M) with one adapter. We at Outerimpact have gone to great lengths to assure that the fit and finish of this system are top notch. We have been excited about the increased popularity of the Mini Red Dots on pistol platforms. Unfortunately, not all of us are ready or want to commit to a "custom cut" slide. This does not appeal for various reasons. Some of which are: the price of modification, effects on the resale of the firearm, ability to "try" different Red Dots, etc. Compatible Guns: XD MOD.2 XD XD(M)(does not work with 5.25" competition series model) XDS Compatible Red Dot Sights (Mounting Screws INCLUDED): Trijicon RMR Doctor Insight MRDS Eotech MRDS Leupold Delta Point Leupold Delta Point Pro Vortex Razor Vortex Viper Vortex Venom Burris Fast Fire 2 & 3 CMORE RTS & STS Sig ROMEO 3 Shield RMS (additional screws required for the Shield RMS) Mounting Hardware: (2) 6-48 Weaver T-10 Torx Head Screws (2) Sight alignment pins (2) M3 x 8mm Flat Head Screws (2) M3 x 6mm Flat Head Screws (2) M3 x 6mm Socket Head Cap Screws (2) 6-40 Flat Head Screws (2) M4 X 10mm Rounded Head Screws Material: Billet 7075-T6 aluminum. Dovetail is made of Steel with hardened dowel pins. Finish: Black Anodize Coating: Anodize US Patent: US D851,196S

Outerimpact Red Dot Adapter/Mount for Springfield XD, XD MOD.2, XD(M), XDS Pistol - M.R.A

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