• Replaces: AEE D33 -- Compatible to:.
  • PNJ AEE Action Sport Magicam S51 Standard / WiFi Edition / S70 Extreme, Light Edition / S71 (WiFi), S71T, S80 (Plus) , S90.
  • Veho MUVI K-Series K2 Camera.
  • Imported from UK.
Li-Ion battery * High-quality cells with low self-discharge * High capacity * Protection against short curcuit and overcharging * High cycle strength for a maximum number of charges/discharges * Accurate, 100% compatible * No memory effect Delivery volume 1x Battery as described

Battery for AEE Magicam S51, S70 Extreme/Light, S71 (WiFi), S80, S90 / Veho MUVI K2