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    Corgan's most intimate set of songs yet, the hauntingly beautiful THE FUTURE EMBRACE brings together Corgan's astonishing past and promising persent. The first single is "Walking Shade." [Note: This product is an authorized CD-R and is manufactured on demand] .com ---- Odd it may seem, Billy Corgan is wearing his heart on his extremely long sleeve, in his first proper solo album since dismantling the Smashing Pumpkins five years ago. Maybe it took that long to process the enormity of that loss, since The Future Embrace sounds like nothing so much as a break-up album. But having said that, it's rather difficult to determine whether it's the absence of James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlain, and D'Arcy Wretzky or just something much more mundane than the shattering of an affair of the heart that his sent him on this 12-song confessional. To his extreme credit, Corgan isn't trying to obscure his pain and uncertainty behind layers of guitar distortion and sonic dissonance the way he did with the Pumpkins, instead he's employed a rather restrained hand as he tries to work his way out of this psychic maze of his own making, cavorting with the ghosts of his past, present and future on such kinetic panoramas as "All Things Change," "DIA," or the rather wrenching "The Camera Eye," where the musician wrestles with his fear of aging, his burgeoning religiosity as and the necessity of transformation. Don't miss Robert Smith singing rather angular back-ups on the Bee Gee's skewed ode to love, "You Don't Know What It's Like." A tremendous and noble effort from a major talent. --Jaan Uhelszki